Yonova Lace Wigs Video

Make Video & Get Big Reward

Yonova Lace Wigs Video step1
Yonova Lace Wigs Video step2
Yonova Lace Wigs Video step3
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  1. Upload your video to YouTube or Instagram or both
  2. Video should be shot and viewed in landscape mode (for YouTube video)
  3. YouTube video needs more than 3 minutes, the title should involves Yonova Hair and add www.yonovahair.com or product link on the video
  4. Instagram video is about 1 minute , the title should involve Yonova Hair and @yonovahair
  5. Video rewards are valid within one year from the release of the video and are rewarded according to the highest number of video views within the validity period.
  6.  Send email to info@yonovahair.com after finishing the video